3D Element für Beschriftung von Mass-Skischuh

3D elements

It's all about the look and feel! Combine your message with a tactile experience. Three-dimensional branding can also make your product or brand come alive!

  • Single characters, linked fonts or elements with a 3D effect
  • Various heights and curvatures possible
  • Various adhesive qualities available
  • For all surfaces
  • Ideal for inscribing and improving all types of products, cosmetics, foodstuffs, bottles or packages
  • Technical data

    PVC, polyester

    Almost any shape possible

    Production type
    The lettering is created from high-quality polyurethane.
    The contour of the polyurethane is delineated with the help of a solder mask.
    The letters or numbers are then pasted onto transfer foils and applied to the product. 

    Adhesive can be selected - From permanent bonding to removable

    Delivery form

    Printing colours
    RAL, Pantone, CMYK, GEDA


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