3D Flaschenprägung

3D imprints for bottles

Nothing for normal bottles! Ideal refinement for something like a bottle redesign process: Instead of altering the existing glass shape in an elaborate and expensive manner, you can simply use transparent 3D elements. Regardless of whether the situation involves logos, emblems or lettering, the items in question look like genuine imprints, and they can also be applied retroactively.

  • The transparent 3D element assumes the colour and appearance of glass
  • No different from a genuine glass relief
  • Adjustment of the shape of the bottle or tag not necessary
  • Can also be applied retroactively
  • Ideal for refining bottles and glasses
  • Technical data

    PVC, polyester

    Freedom of design

    Production type
    Base foil associated with a screen printing process, digitally imprinted
    Dome structure with polyurethane

    Adhesive that creates a permanent bond

    Delivery form
    Can be delivered on sheets or rollers; can also be packaged individually upon request

    Printing colours
    RAL, Pantone, CMYK, GEDA
    The base foil is available in the following colours: White, shiny silver, shiny gold, transparent


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